QVLQualified Vendor List
QVLQuella Vecchia Locanda (Italian rock band)
QVLQualified Validation List (Federal Public Key Infrastructure Management Authority)
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Hybrid: This is a blend of CTC and QVL systems, where providers must face two contestable markets.
In a number of sectors, however, there are calls to move further down the marketisation path to 'more open competition' by introducing a QVL system.
The main arguments used for adopting a QVL system essentially derive from neo-classical theory based on consumer sovereignty, whereby, it is claimed, that the most powerful incentives for providers to maximise the quality, efficiency, and responsiveness of their services is by responding to the wishes of consumers.
This section briefly notes some systemic advantages of a Hybrid system compared to QVL, especially in terms of avoiding the problems inherent in a large of number of providers.
Second, a QVL system runs the risk of failing to achieve its most fundamental stated objective, namely to increase the power of users.
Thus a QVL system that allows freer entry may give more providers, but it is not clear that it gives service users more control or real alternatives (Perri 6, 2003).
Further, the ongoing task for government of assessing and monitoring quality, given the intrinsic limits on measurability and observability in human services, becomes more difficult the more providers there are in the market, especially if (as is more likely in a QVL system) many providers are small scale and working on the fringe of the market.
He then served as CEO of Snyder Drugs from 1999 to 2004, until he was tapped as a contract CEO of QVL Pharmacy (a specialty pharmacy chain) from 2005 through early 2009.
5 million, the QVL is the latest commitment the company has fulfilled in its quest to provide the best products in the world.
We believe the QVL helps our customers achieve that competitive edge," Maier said.
The QVL uses state-of-the-art processes to analyze the quality of each bar.
The materials processed through the QVL are used in critical automotive, transportation and bearing applications such as front wheel drive assemblies, ball bearings, axles and crankshafts.