QVMQueen Victoria Market (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
QVMQualified Vehicle Modifier (professional car modifier)
QVMQuality Vegetation Management (trademark of BASF)
QVMQuake Virtual Machine
QVMQuality Viewing Metric
QVMQualified Majority Voting (EU)
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The new Java application concurrency capability, or Multitasking Virtual Machine (MVM), is offered as part of QUALCOMM's QVM solution and has been optimized by the Company specifically for its MSM chipsets.
For example, applicators who are QVM professionals use herbicides that utilize the lowest effective active ingredient whenever possible.
The QVM is an iconic attraction for both shoppers and visitors, offering a wonderful space to enjoy a variety of foods and cultural experiences with family and friends, Mr Rich-Phillips said.
com)-- The gas to CNG Conversions specialists, Green Alternative Systems (GAS) announces the QVM Program to their customers.
BAF is the only Ford QVM with a full product line up including the F250 through the F550 trucks along with the F53 and 59 package vehicles, the E 250-450 series, the Transit Connect, and the bifuel CNG E-250/350 vans and F-250/350 pickups.
This shift offers customers more products to choose from that meet Westport's QVM process, quality and standards," said Mark Aubry, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Americas for Westport.
By achieving a QVM certification, Nexus RV is continuing down the path of building the best Class C in the industry," states Claude Donati, President of Nexus RV, "we are committed to following the standards and qualification set forth by Ford Motor Co.
The Coalition Government has agreed to undertake a key land exchange with the City of Melbourne which will allow the QVM project to advance.
Becoming a member of the QVM program has been a priority for Green Alternative Systems as part of their objective to provide the highest quality conversions available in the industry.
securing its position as Ford's largest partner under the QVM program with over 10 products and approximately 150 Ford authorized dealerships.
Champion Bus is currently the only Ford QVM certified manufacturer offering a low floor cutaway bus model on an E-450 chassis that can be converted to CNG or LPG alternative fuel packages using OEM supplied hardened valves without risk of violating the OEM engine warranty.
The ability to offer Ford QVM bi-fuel vehicles to the marketplace is a huge step forward," said John Bacon, President, BAF Technologies.