QVODQuasi Video on Demand (TV technology)
QVODQuickVideo OnDemand (InfoValue)
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For infringement, Tencent Video has completed the bulk of notary acts of hotlinking evidence, filed lawsuits against QVOD and will retain rights to take legal actions against Baidu (Video).
In the second half of 2013, police in Beijing's Haidian district closed down more than a dozen light CSM and QVOD sites based on tips.
We strongly urge Baidu, QVOD and other companies to respect the work of video industry practitioners, and, as Internet industry leaders, to commit to corporate social responsibility to stop piracy that results in unfair competition.
InfoValue's patented QVOD software transforms Pentium PCs into powerful streaming-multimedia servers that can support any type of media stream, including non-proprietary formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and MP3.
QVOD is a component of InfoValue's award-winning QuickVideo Suite (QVS), which is the only software product that integrates all major video streaming applications: video-on-demand, real-time multicasting of live or recorded videos, distribution and management of videos over the Intranet, and video archiving/retrieval.
This same scalability gives QVOD the flexibility to grow with a customer's needs -- from workgroup to enterprise to broadband consumer systems.
QVOD is 100 percent compatible with any IP network, including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Cable modems, ADSL modems, etc.
With the ability to support existing multimedia applications, QVOD can instantly turn standalone CD-ROM and DVD titles into highly effective client/server courseware.
In addition to providing dramatically increased streaming performance, the newest version of QVOD leverages the entire set of management and control features that Windows NT provides.
For example, QVOD can be used to record live video broadcasts by QuickVideo Multicast and to provide users with instant replay of the ongoing broadcast.
In addition, QVOD provides intelligent video caching and streaming for most distributed environments over Intranets managed by QuickVideo IntraWeb.
Designed for easy integration, QVOD can be installed in five minutes on a server or a client.