QVPNQuality Virtual Private Network (Xedia)
QVPNVirtual Private Network with Quality of Service Guarantees
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We're proud that our award-winning Access Point QVPN products will play such a significant role in enabling a new generation of secure, QoS enabled VPN solutions.
NOTE: Xedia is a registered trademark and Access Point and QVPN are trademarks of Xedia Corporation.
Lucent also announced that it will integrate the LSMS policy management platform, which is ideally suited for centrally managing large scale remote access VPNs, with the Access Point QVPN Builder, which enables low-cost deployment of large scale site-to-site VPNs.
The SSH ISAKMP/Oakley (SSH IKE) is a key security feature of Xedia's Access Point QVPN products.
Integrating VeriSign's digital certificate services into Xedia's Access Point QVPN will give enterprises a solution that enables quick and easy deployment of a scalable site-to-site and remote access VPN.
Access Point QVPN Builder is available today for use with Xedia's entire Access Point product family at no additional charge.
The Access Point QVPN products are available in many forms.
We felt it was imperative to pick an industry-leading solution as our QVPN client with features such as certified IPSec interoperability and IETF-compliant RADIUS extensions for authorization integration.
Using Xedia Corporation's new Access Point QVPN system, UUsecure VPN for dedicated access will offer customers an easy-to-use one-box solution for dedicated and dial connectivity, end-to-end tunneling and encryption and VPN monitoring and reporting.
Xedia is a registered trademark and Access Point and QVPN are registered trademarks of Xedia Corporation.
today announced that its new 7751 Encryption Processor(TM) will be used to provide high-performance encryption and authentication in the Access Point QVPN products recently introduced by Xedia Corporation.