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That's why we built an omnichannel architecture that lets marketers easily target their customers and deeply understand their cross channel engagements," explains Jon Thies, QWASI CTO.
We are excited to be the platform that bridges the conversation gap between CMOs and CIOs to unlock big data systems, offers a homogenous data set and propels real-time, contextually relevant interactions," said QWASI CEO, Leon Samuel.
Keynote[R] Systems (Nasdaq:KEYN), the global leader in on-demand mobile and Internet test & measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience, today announced that QWASI, a leading mobile marketing company providing cross market interactive solutions, has selected two Keynote solutions for monitoring and testing its services: Keynote Mobile Application Perspective[R] (MAP), which monitors SMS service, and Keynote Mobile Interactive Testing Environment[TM] or MITE[TM], which offers interactive testing and validation of mobile content.
PHILADELPHIA -- QWASI, a leading mobile marketing company providing cross market interactive solutions, announced the launch of QVC on their mCommerce platform CataMo.
QWASI now makes it easy to get photos off the phones, to be printed and shared - by converting them to a quality 4"x6" print.
Other notifications QWASI powers for retail include mobile marketing campaigns, mobile coupons, text ordering, order confirmation, shipping confirmation and now, delivery notifications.
Along the lines of this year's BMA theme Unleash, QWASI plans to introduce many business marketers to the potential mobile marketing brings to their bottom line.
Similar to CellSigns, the first product launched by QWASI in 2005, a buyer simply sends a text message and receives property information on his or her cell phone.
CellSigns creates the opportunity for real-time connectivity between agents and buyers, and Mobile 365 is the clear choice as a service partner who can ensure our customers have an optimal experience with our system," said David Geipel, Co-founder, QWASI.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- QWASI, an interactive mobile marketing company based in Exton, Pennsylvania, has unveiled CellSigns Version 2.
QWASI founders and real estate agents Mark Ford and Dave Geipel found the real estate industry's employment of these technologies to be inadequate.