QWFQuebec Writers' Federation (Canada)
QWFQuit Working Forever
QWFQuantum Wave Function (physics)
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This reading--advertised as "Write pour ecrire"--did take place at the Lion D'Or (future site of the QWF awards) on October 31, 2006, with great success: "so many Francophones, so many Anglophones, various Allophones, all mingling with one another and amazed to find themselves in the same room.
The tactical approach chosen by the seven coalitions which the government designated as representing the socio-community sector (SPQ, the QWF, the National Women's Coalition Against Poverty, Rural Solidarity, the Assembly of Catholic Bishops, a coalition on the development of "manpower", and the Coalition of Quebec Seniors) was to focus on one simple demand, "zero impoverishment" in exchange for a zero deficit clause.