QWIQualcomm Wireless and Internet
QWIQuebec Women's Institute (Canada)
QWIQuantum Well Intermixing
QWIQualcomm Wireless & Internet Group
QWIQueensland Water Infrastructure (Australia; est. 2006)
QWIQuebecor World Inc. (commercial printing company; Canada)
QWIQuarterly Workforce Indicator (analytic tool)
QWIQualified Weapon Instructor
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The new LEHD job-to-job flows series can be combined with the QWI to generate administrative-based hires from nonemployment and separations to nonemployment, which I refer to as LEHD+QWI.
Whether considering the full set of industries in the QWI sample, or simply the subset of U.
When examining scores on the QWI, which was used to assess workload, it is important to note the limited variability in participant scores; most participants (n = 120, 91.
The type of initiatives to be developed by QWI under these broad themes include, for example, developing options for relocating displaced residents within the local area, creating employment opportunities during construction, and encouraging restoration of riparian vegetation and wetlands.
The chief limitation of the QWI data is its recent introduction, and that it is currently limited to only 20 states.
Will be presented by Squadron Leader Andy Bain, Officer Commanding QWI and Sentinel Training, 54R Squadron of the RAF and Squadron Leader Steve Knight, Officer Commanding Rivet Joint and SHADOW Training, 54R Squadron of the RAF.
For example, in the QWI the frame variable is quarterly payroll--it is never suppressed at any level of aggregation--and in the QCEW and CBP the frame variable is the number of establishments, which is also never suppressed in these publications.
This article describes the data currently available from the BED and QWI programs.
Although the judgments of the High Court in Queensland Wire did not agree on how the relevant markets were best defined for the analysis of the economic issues of that litigation, (11) they did agree on one thing: that it was appropriate to define two distinct markets -- a primary market from whose structure BHP derived its market power and a secondary market in which QWI was attempting to compete.
We abstract from the weight that QWI uses to benchmark certain state-level aggregates.
A graduate of Defence Services Staff College, he is a Qualified Weapon Instructor (QWI) having undergone the QWI course in the United Kingdom and a Fighter Combat Leader, who also served as a Directing Staff at the Tactics and Air Combat Development Establishment (TACDE).