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QWLQuality of Work Life
QWLQuality of Working Life
QWLQuantum Well Laser
QWLQuantity of Wet Lung
QWLQiumi Wrestling League (Germany)
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An improved QWL initiative helps to fulfill technical and social requirements of job in the organizations (Adhikari and Gautam 2010).
FFPs enrich the QWL, provide employees greater control over their time and reduce the interference and stress between work and family life (Porter and Ayman, 2010; Houle et al.
QWL is an umbrella term which includes many concepts.
In spite of this acknowledged connection not much attention has been paid to the conditions of the work environment that forms the basis for service oriented employees (Edvardsson & Gustavsson 2003), and in fact according to Von de Looi and Bender (1995), low QWL may affect the quality of services and organisational commitment.
Poor ICU work system design may negatively affect the quality and safety of nursing care as well as nursing QWL (Institute of Medicine 2004).
Another empirical study was done to predict QWL in relation to career-related dimensions (Raduan Che Rose et al.
Evidence of high QWL can be increased productivity and loyalty, increased levels of morale, frequent participation in cost savings suggestions, and employees who feel they do not need union representation to achieve their goal of having a good place to work (p.
As stated in Lau and May (1998), the primary source for a list of companies with reputable QWL for this research was found in Levering and Moskowitz (1994, 1998, and 1999).
Parker, Mike 1985 Inside the Circle: A Union Guide to QWL.
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More recently, there has been a growing interest in documentation of changes in QWL for people with disabilities and levels of consumer satisfaction (Kiernan & Knutson, 1990).