QWRQualified Written Request (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974)
QWRquantum wire
QWRQueen's Westminster Rifles
QWRQuarter-Wave Retarder
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z3] at the lower- and upper-stopbands, which are generated by the cross coupling between two open stubs and the coupling between the QWR and open stub [31].
Meanwhile, the filter with very deep lower-stopband performance can be realized, for the QWR has no resonate mode in lower-stopband.
The impedances for the uncompensated power divider design were verified using the QWR for electrical impedances given by
The QWR can then be used to verify the impedance values for the multisegmented power divider as [Z.
The use of the OAD and the QWR for OTFS can be seen as an extension from quarter-wave elements at optical frequencies to quarter-wave elements at microwave frequencies, and involves the MOT method.