QWSQuantum Well Structure
QWSQualcomm Wireless Systems
QWSQt Window System (software)
QWSQuick Windows Sequencer
QWSQuiet World Sports (Jackson, MI)
QWSQuantum Wave State (physics)
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QWS is an anti-violence against women (VAW) campaign which has organised several initiatives to put the issue of violence against women on the spotlight.
QWS-Bulgaria raised funds for refugee children in crisis centres, who were victims of domestic violence, through a film screening, according to the official Facebook account of the QWS.
An ideal QWS with the fast axis parallel to the x axis has a matrix: [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], whereas the matrix of a QWS rotated by [?
In conclusion, in order to design a broadband microstrip hybrid we need to design two circuits with their scattering matrices equivalent to a QWS rotated by 90[degrees] and 67.
Knowing that the Jones matrix of a QWS rotated by an arbitrary angle # has the following elements:
The circuit schematics of the two branch-line couplers which have the same scattering matrices of the QWSs of interest are shown in Fig.
Optimized for C, X, and Ku band use, QWS 0500 Series is suited for wireless and satellite applications operating in frequencies from 5.
QWS is owned by independent investors and former management of QuikWater, including Ashley Weber, daughter of F.
QWS offers flexible reporting, which enables users to perform virtually unlimited searches and produce ad-hoc reports on any data field.