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QEIQuadrature Encoder Interface
QEIQueen Elizabeth Islands
QEIQuality Enhancement Initiative
QEIQuod Erat Inveniendum (Latin: Which Was to Be Found Out)
QEIQualified Elevator Inspector (NAESA)
QEIQuality Educator Interactive (online planning tool)
QEIQuincy Engineering, Inc. (California and Oregon)
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In addition, these DSCs have a motor control PWM and a quadrature encoder interface that is ideal for electronic control of brushed permanent magnet, switched reluctance, brushless DC (BLDC) and AC induction motors (ACIM).
The new PICDEM MC development board is compatible with the MC-GUI and supports both ACIM and BLDC motor designs for the PIC18FXX31 family of PIC MCUs, which feature three advanced motion control modules, including a built-in quadrature encoder interface.
A dedicated motor control/power conversion PWM and Quadrature Encoder Interface is also available.
The dsPIC30Fxxx Motor Control & Power Conversion family features a 6- or 8-channel motor control pulse-width modulation (PWM) module, a 10-bit high-speed (500K samples per second) analog-to-digital (ADC) converter, quadrature encoder interface (QEI), output compare units, input compare units and communication peripherals.
Microchip s Device Blocks provide complete, model-based control of most dsPIC DSC on-chip peripherals for greater flexibility and higher utilization, including digital I/Os, ADCs, PWMs, change notifications, output compares, input captures, quadrature encoder interfaces, interrupts and resets, as well as communication interfaces such as I2C, SPI and UARTs.
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