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The considered type of the phase shifter is a quadrature booster [7]-[9].
In the paper, the quadrature booster is modeled using two real voltage sources.
Next, a model of the quadrature booster is formulated.
The quadrature booster is a type of the phase shifter which allows obtaining the phase shift between voltage [[bar.
In the paper, it is assumed, that the quadrature booster is represented by the model to be shown in Fig.
If PST is quadrature booster the following assumptions must be taken into account:
One takes into considerations the test system with the quadrature booster and this system without the quadrature booster.
A quadrature booster made by Stafford-based Alstom, which hopes to create 150 new jobs
The company will design, supply and commission two quadrature booster units - which control the flow of real power on electricity transmission networks - which will also be built at its transformer factory in Stafford.
The first Quadrature Booster will be designed and manufactured in 2012.