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Based on the Voshchinnikov and Farafonov (VF) code [57], it has been shown that in longitudinal polarization as the aspect-ratio of a nano-rod increases, the dipole plasmon resonance gradually is red-shifted and the quadrupole resonance peak, which is larger than the dipole peak in a nano-sphere, is further faded [29].
InVision's wholly owned subsidiary Quantum Magnetics develops detection systems for weapons, narcotics, explosives and other threats based on quadrupole resonance and other proprietary magnetic sensing technologies.
The fluxional behavior of 2,6-dimethylphenyl(pentachlorocyclopentadienyl)mercury (II) has been examined in solution by variable temperature NMR spectroscopy and by Nuclear Quadrupole resonance (NQR) spectroscopy in the solid state.
Quantum Magnetics, of InVision Technologies, was awarded $2 million from the Federal Aviation Ad-ministration to improve the detection performance and throughput of its proprietary quadrupole resonance (QR) technology and to develop a hand-held QR-based explosive detection system.
125 million to accelerate development of its new generation of landmine detection systems based on its quadrupole resonance technology.