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QMQuality Management (Pentagon Renovation Project)
QMQuality Management
QMQuantum Mechanics
QMQuarter Master (Boy Scouts of America)
QMQuality Manager
QMQuadratmeter (German: square meter)
QMQuality Manual
QMQuomodo (In What Manner, How)
QMQueensland Museum (Australia)
QMQuality Matters (online course certification)
QMQuartermaster (US Army branch)
QMQuartermaster (USN Rating)
QMQualified Mortgage
QMQuotation Mark
QMQueue Management
QMQuick Mode
QMQuarter Midget (racing vehicle for children)
QMQuestion Mark (computer program)
QMQualification Motor (US NASA)
QMQualification Model
QMQuantitative Macroeconomics
QMAir Malawi (IATA airline code)
QMQuota Manager
QMQuantum Magnetics
QMQuadrature Modulation
QMQuickmind (web based education intervention tool)
QMQuinn-Martin Productions
QMQuantum Modeling
QMBritish Long Range Radio Aid to Navigation (US Navy)
QMQuery Mediator
QMQuantitative Materiel Development Objective
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The qualification model is the third and final design model, and represents the last test of all components on DubaiSat-2, the UAE's second remote sensing satellite which is due to be launched into orbit by the end of 2012.
The DubaiSat-2 qualification model has been put through a series of tests to ensure the final satellite can withstand the harsh environment of the launch and its long mission in space.
With the phase 2 contract from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Magna Parva can build an engineering qualification model of a system to make large structures in space.
Two models: a QM qualification model and two models of FS / FM flights.
Airbus Defence and Space has developed and delivered the qualification model of the solar array for the European Service Module (ESM) of the Orion crewed spacecraft.
Contract notice: Internal optical head development mechanism (ioh) rate mechanism model (mqm) and engineering qualification model (eqm).
ST Electronics has utilized the facility to build and test the Qualification Model for TeLEOS-1, which is the first commercial Remote Earth Observation Satellite completely designed in Singapore.
ST Electronics has used the facility to successfully construct and test the Qualification Model for TeLEOS-1, which is the first commercial Remote Earth Observation Satellite wholly designed in Singapore.
This consultation is the Critical Design Review (Critical Design Review) study and manufacture of mechanical qualification model (QM) and the flight model (FM) of the PAS instrument (Alpha Proton Sensor) and for flight model (FM) of the EA (Electrostatic Analyzer)-IS HIS (Heavy Ion Sensor) within the scientific mission Solar Orbiter instrument, project observation satellite of the sun, in collaboration with the project CNES.
The project proposes BIM Qualification Models integrated with energy competences, to widespread a better comprehension of energy issues along all the value chain of building industry so that both existing and new building will have better energy performances.
The contract scope also includes the manufacturing and testing of fabrication qualification models and the manufacturing and testing of dummy double pancakes of PF5 and PF4 coil.
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