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QDQuaque Die (Latin: Daily)
QDQuand (French: when)
QDQuick Disconnect
QDQuantum Dot
QDQuick Detachable (firearm accessory)
QDQuantum Design (various locations)
QDQuickDraw (Macintosh ROM program)
QDQuantity Discount
QDQuarter Deck
QDQuantity/Distance (explosives storage)
QDQuestioned Document (legal)
QDQueuing Delay
QDQuestionable Data
QDQuotient de Danger (French: Hazard Quotient)
QDQualified Data
QDQuad Damage (gaming, Quake 3 Arena)
QDQuantity Distance
QDQuattuor Dimensionis
QDQuantum Data, Inc
QDQuality Denial (Wikipedia criticism)
QDQuadrupole Doublet
QDQuery Detection
QDQuasi Dicat (Latin: as if he would say)
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Now we are discussing replacing some qualified data items with other unqualified ones.
The key first steps to be taken include hiring qualified data scientists and big data professionals, whose numbers are disproportionately low to the high interest in the market and are, therefore, in high demand.
Most Level 1 and Level 2 merchants hired PCI qualified data security companies (QDSCs) for assessments, according to the survey.
CAP allows the owner to assess contractors based on the quantified and qualified data in the system.
Hiring a qualified data security consultant is a good start, both Poynter and Newton agreed.
NetSPI is a Visa Qualified Data Security Company (QSDC) and MasterCard SDP approved scan vendor, certified by MasterCard and Visa to perform both the on-site audit and the quarterly network scans required by merchants and service providers.
This qualified data will be published over five years to 2002.
The IAB Data Center of Excellence is working to address the talent gap with educational programs, insights, and guidance that will help expand the pool of qualified data professionals.
In part, it's an imperative due to the ongoing imbalance in supply and demand for qualified data scientists and data analysts.
Apply opinion-mining analytics to the qualified data set
This approach enables banks to share and access the standardised set of qualified data and documentation needed to fulfil correspondent banking KYC obligations and customer due diligence requirements.
The list of documents and information for verifying the qualified data of the participant: 1) an information letter with a brief description of the subject of procurement, , the timing of the provision of services, payment, warranty periods and other characteristics.
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