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I propose to be of some use to somebody--which I never was in this world, and never shall be on any other occasion--by paying some qualified person of your own sex and age, so many (or rather so few) contemptible shillings, to come here, certain nights in the week, and give you certain instruction which you wouldn't want if you hadn't been a self-denying daughter and sister.
President Bush says she's the most qualified person in the country for the job.
but only a Qualified Person can lockout/tagout any electrical device.
Tangible personal property" purchased for use by a "qualified person" to be used primarily in any stage of the manufacturing, processing, refining, fabricating, or recycling of property, beginning at the point that raw materials are received by the qualified person and introduced into the process and ending at the point at which the property has been altered to its completed form, including packaging, if required.
If I am elected, I would appoint a new Police Commission and it would be their job to find the most qualified person for the job,'' Wachs said.
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