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V aids in classrooms, use of activity-based teaching, university qualifying examination, basic physical facilities in colleges, and computer laboratories in colleges, co-curricular activities and college resources.
One area has seen changes to the British Institute of Innkeeping qualifying examination, an integral part of the Modern Licensed Retailer scheme.
Heretofore, the chief was responsible and accountable only to the Police Commission and the City Council, having earned the job through testing, qualifying examination, experience and job performance.
The foreign designation should have requirements deemed substantially equivalent to the Uniform Accountancy Act's minimum recommended requirement of 1) a baccalaureate degree with at least 150 semester hours of study; 2) a professional qualifying examination (comparable to the Uniform CPA Examination); and 3) professional experience of at least one year.
However, in the decade before the inception of the CGFNS qualifying examination, a staggering 85% of the 82,000 FNGs who immigrated to the United States during this period failed the SBTPE (Maroun & Serota, 1988).
Other ECG education and a qualifying examination are emerging as useful discriminators in some settings.
In practice, this means that QU graduates will be permitted direct entry to the PEBC Pharmacist Qualifying Examination, which is typically reserved for pharmacy graduates in Canada and the USA only.
The receipt of the license for the management of apartment buildings was preceded by the passing of a qualifying examination.
Sisodia said students pursuing any skill development course or diploma or degree course after finishing the qualifying examination from any school and educational institution in Delhi are eligible for the scheme.
Candidates would be selected on the basis of their performance in the qualifying examination (equivalent to plus 2 stage in India) which decides the eligibility to apply for the scholarship scheme.
Shravana is planning to return home in a few days as she wants to appear for a qualifying examination conducted by the Andhra Pradesh government for the post of village assistant.
This reference will aid students in preparing for the American Board of Emergency Medicine's Qualifying Examination (formerly known as the Written Certification Examination).