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QRITone (T1 to T9)
QRIQueue Response Indicator
QRIQualitative Reading Inventory (reading assessment)
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QRIQuantum Reflex Integration (laser treatment)
QRIQualitative Research Interview
QRIQuartile Rating Index (employee assessment)
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Diverse approaches to the qualitative research interview exist, with Alvesson 2003 (following Fontana/Frey 2000, Silverman 2001) suggesting three main positions: neopositivist, romantic and localist.
There has been some recognition by IB researchers that in the qualitative research interview, language is more than a translation issue.
It therefore follows that since qualitative research interviews are frequently concerned with emotions, this aspect must feature largely in a real qualitative interview, and recent evidence for this is readily found (Ritchie & Dimoldenberg 2001).
So our qualitative research interviews concerning cheating would be expected to allow the discovery of some appealing hypotheses about the nature of student behaviour: later, these hypotheses might be tested by structured questionnaires including rating scales designed to quantify the variables which have been indicated as possible factors in the decision to cheat, or by other quantitative approaches (cf.
While conducting qualitative research interviews with the children, knowledge was gained about the impact of recruitment-generated bias on such interviews, a topic about which there appears to be no prior literature.
Facilitators interested in promoting the effective use of self-narratives as a means to encourage young men to relate their experiences, particularly within a group context, may expose them to transcripts of material drawn from participants in qualitative research interviews.
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