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EQual One solution is based on a combination of device quality agents (DQA) deployed on commercial devices and a server interacting over-the-air with the DQAs and potentially integrated with existing systems.
Since first opening my own agency, it has been my mission to recruit quality agents and to ensure that Long Island home buyers and sellers are provided with personalized, hands-on, quality attention as well as representation.
There are plenty of other quality agents in the Midlands who are equally meticulous.
We focus on quality relationships with quality agents, not quantity.
The Hecht Group was founded in 1996, while Titan started up in mid-January, to take advantage of what Hecht believed was an opportunity to lure more quality agents.
It is becoming increasingly critical for companies to turn to the work-at-home model to attract and retain quality agents while combating the continual rise in fuel costs and high agent turnover.
However, I'm confident the quality schemes and quality agents will survive and continue to prosper.
Since teleservice agencies that use performance-based pricing are paid by results, they provide the highest quality agents, use the latest technical equipment and consult closely with their marketers.
For many years, Gil had established a reputation within Mossad as a recruiter of top quality agents, most of whom never realised they were leaking Syrian secrets to the Israelis.
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