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QOPSQuasi-Optical Phase Shifter
QOPSQualifying Overseas Pension Scheme (UK)
QOPSQuality Opportunities
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Where investment activity in recent years had focused on the London marketplace, what we have seen in the last six months is that with prices being so much higher there, coupled with a lack of supply, investors are looking more at quality opportunities elsewhere in the UK, including in Wales.
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water operations director Peter Perry said: "We are creating centres of excellence and new jobs that will offer quality opportunities for skilled scientists and support staff.
Lionel Messi, David Villa, and Sergio Busquets each had some quality opportunities to score, but simply couldn't get a good enough shot off.
In the first half we had a couple of quality opportunities and during the interval I told my players to continue in the same rhythm and we managed to score and win.
It aims to help trading businesses invest in quality opportunities to buy or expand their premises, hire new staff and launch products.
Our mission is to provide musicians throughout Bahrain with good quality opportunities to perform.
This agreement with Journal Sentinel allows Pioneer Press to better serve our advertisers and our readers with modern equipment and more color and other quality opportunities, while generating significant savings for the Sun-Times News Group," John Barron, publisher of Pioneer Press Publications, said in a statement.
We will focus on quality opportunities which will benefit young people, but also benefit Britain.
Walnut (19-6-1) tied the score in the 55th minute on a Brittany Seamen goal, and had several quality opportunities thereafter.
The plan is guided by three core values: (1) Each and every student will learn; (2) Adults--staff and community--are mutually accountable for providing students with quality opportunities to learn and for modeling responsible behavior; and (3) Actions matter most, as a testament to effective implementation and steady progress toward the goals.
The EFM program was created in 1989 to provide service members quality opportunities for assignment to locations where a family member's special medical and/or educational needs could be met.
We have offered the pupils a range of quality opportunities in PE to ensure that they can excel and enjoy their experiences in sport.
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