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QDQuaque Die (Latin: Daily)
QDQuand (French: when)
QDQuick Disconnect
QDQuantum Dot
QDQuick Detachable (firearm accessory)
QDQuantum Design (various locations)
QDQuickDraw (Macintosh ROM program)
QDQuantity Discount
QDQuarter Deck
QDQuantity/Distance (explosives storage)
QDQuestioned Document (legal)
QDQueuing Delay
QDQuestionable Data
QDQuotient de Danger (French: Hazard Quotient)
QDQualified Data
QDQuad Damage (gaming, Quake 3 Arena)
QDQuantity Distance
QDQuattuor Dimensionis
QDQuantum Data, Inc
QDQuality Denial (Wikipedia criticism)
QDQuadrupole Doublet
QDQuery Detection
QDQuasi Dicat (Latin: as if he would say)
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His detailed review of over 1,900 facilities, every potential explosive site, and over 593 exposed site relationships resulted in the elimination of 77 quantity distance violations.
These events, coupled with his expert advice on 16 construction proposals, precented Quantity Distance encroachment.
Additionally, they identified and fixed operating location hazards by posting explosive and personnel limits to comply with cardinal rule (expose the minimum number of people to the minimum number of explosives for the minimum amount of time) and quantity distance.