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Thomas Lemieux of the University of British Columbia, in their famous paper in the Quarterly Journal of Economics (2001), argued that the reason for the rising college wage premium was the slowdown in the relative supply of college graduates in the US, Kawaguchi and Mori argued that the same mechanism worked in Japan in the opposite way and that the rapid growth in the supply of college graduates could explain the decrease in the college wage premium in Japan.
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Suppose it is certain that during the coming 20 years you won't publish any paper in the following journals, nor in any other journals you regard as at least as good: American Economic Review, European Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics and Review of Economic Studies.
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Such has been proven in numerous studies, such as one conducted by Kahneman and Tversky, the results of which were published in a 1991 article2 in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.
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