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02 per query, after surpassing the free quota of 50 queries per day.
Auto & General expects the tools will help increase first call resolution rates, allow staff to resolve more queries per day, generate a higher return on investment, and may improve brand loyalty from consumers.
One example showed specific company names and hard numbers: "Users are performing 10 queries per day on average.
13 million queries per day, and had the most pages indexed of any search engine
Nominum analyzed DNS data produced from their work with over 140 of the world's top service providers, which accounts for 30% of the world's network traffic, or 1 trillion DNS queries per day.
He pointed to the opportunities the company has with search, noting it has a billion queries per day without putting any additional effort into it.
At this point, "we do 1 billion queries per day already and we're basically not even trying," Zuckerberg said.
Of the estimated 120 million Google queries per day in the Middle East, around seven per cent are answered using data pulled from Ejabat.
Earlier for destinations such as Kerala and Goa, we used to receive eight or nine queries per day for budget packages, but this monsoon season we have received 10- 15 queries per day," says Chauhan.
During the quarter, VeriSign processed a peak of nearly 50 billion domain name system queries per day.
With IronPort appliances deployed at eight of the 10 largest ISPs and more than 40 percent of Global 100 companies, SenderBase measures more than 30 percent of the world's messaging traffic -- receiving over 30 billion queries per day.