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Quest Central for Oracle Now Includes Extensive Support for Oracle 10g, RAC and Citrix Terminal Server
The new version of Quest Central for Oracle features enhanced performance management capabilities that empower DBAs to proactively prevent issues before they occur.
Quest Central for Oracle also offers new highly configurable deployment, installation and use options.
Quest Central for Oracle supports Oracle versions 8.
The new features within Quest Central for Oracle allow database administrators to diagnose and resolve performance issues even in more complex RAC and Oracle E-Business environments," said Larry Humphries, vice president of product management, Application and Database Management Solutions, Quest Software.
0 of Quest Central for Oracle is available this month with pricing starting at $2,400 U.
Properly configuring memory, variable block sizes and other advanced features in Oracle requires extensive expertise and manual analysis, Quest Central for Oracle guides the DBA through this process with expert advice, visualization, and automation so these configurations are done properly and result in highly optimized Oracle environments.
With that, Quest Central for Oracle not only helps automate and manage performance with ease, but also gives IT organizations the confidence that they will meet the service level requirements of all business users.
This release and the matters to be discussed on the conference call may include predictions, estimates and other information that might be considered forward-looking statements, including statements concerning the availability and market acceptance of our new release of Quest Central for Oracle.
By supporting key database administration activities from a single solution, Quest Central for Oracle simplifies the process of detecting, diagnosing and resolving performance and availability issues; thus, it enables a DBA to be more productive while enjoying an ease-of-use level previously unattainable.
Quest Central for Oracle allows DBAs to do more with less and react more quickly to potential performance issues by utilizing one product to accomplish multiple tasks.
In addition to providing new components for SQL tuning and space management, the new version of Quest Central for Oracle also integrates with other best-of-breed products from Quest Software.