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For thousands of years, the quest for immortality has been an underlying and recurring theme among men.
Gilgamesh then sets off on a quest for immortality, and most of the commentaries on 'the Epic' concentrate on the futility of such an endeavour.
Underlying the quest for immortality has been the fear of vulnerability.
30PM JACK McCAFFREY is missing Dublin's quest for immortality tomorrow but says he can't wait to get going again in 2017.
Both phrases could allude to his quest for immortality.
It was about the quest for immortality and how today we are witnessing new definitions of death and immortality," she adds, "especially with the deaths that are happening around us, and how we are dealing with them in a very different way, especially when we look at death through the medium.
The Moon and the Sun," awaiting a release date from Paramount, mixes fantasy with historical drama in its story of King Louis XIV (Pierce Brosnan), whose quest for immortality leads him to steal the life force of a mermaid.
Set in an alternative London of the future that is consumed by the quest for immortality, Dr Henry Jekyll is a high-profile cancer specialist determined to find a cure for mankind's greatest medical challenge.
Bassi, who will lead the 10-week fellowship, said its aim is “to assess the effects of death in the history of mortality's deferral, its tendency toward euphemism, its susceptibility to quantification, its resistance to interpretation and its relationship to the quest for immortality.
The futility of Septimius's quest for immortality is treated by Kevorkian as evidence of Hawthorne's reevaluation of "his former authorial self" (114).
Gilgamesh's saga spans the absolute power of a ruler (whose privileges included exploiting the labor of others and sleeping with soon-to-be married women), the grief of losing a close friend, and the quest for immortality.
Asked for an explanation, the man, whose identity has not been revealed, said he has been using the material to help a friend in his quest for immortality, a police source told RIA Novosti.