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To a question the author agreed that Fatima Jinnah was a trail blazer and role model for women in politics and still continues to be so.
To answer this question the author examines the source of orientalists' information which is normally provided by those of previous writings of some accounts such as "Arabian Nights" which portrays women as 'those villains' and what they heard since they were not allowed to enter the harem.
While in Mantorama , excerpts from his stories are mixed with biographical elements and characters from his works come alive to interact and question the author.
By answering to this historical-philosophical question the author uses the criterions of empire's sociology.
101 Accessible Vacations grew out of a single question the author kept hearing when she spoke to groups about disability-friendly travel: "Where can I go on vacation?
One question the author does not address is the differences between the game as it is played today and how it was played by the protagonists portrayed in the film.
The question the author address in this paper is, does Frege have a metatheory in the following sense: do his justifications of his basic laws and rules of inference employ or even require ineliminable use of a truth predicate and metalinguistic variables?
Attendees will also be able to question the author and discuss the North-East and its creative industries.
The question the author and the reader grapple with is whether evil is born or created and where the boundaries of good and evil lie in each of us.
Far from a mere promotional gimmick, this visual pun proves the book's major concern, as the novel forces us to question the author lying behind the narrative I/eye--" `I am not I.
The play struck me as so rich and unique in its nudity that it seemed to me improper to question the author about its meaning,' said Roger Blin, the producer who staged Beckett's Waiting for Godot for the first time in Paris.
It is the answer to that question the author seeks to discover.