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QUEQuetzaltenango (Guatemala territorial division)
QUEVoice Transmission (radiotelegraphy)
QUEQuality in Undergraduate Education (national project; Georgia State University)
QUEQuake, the Universe and Everything
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Both children come from broken homes, and they now live together in Hogar Abierto (Open Home), an orphanage that is part of Asociacion EDELAC and located near the center of Quetzaltenango.
In our fieldwork in Guatemala over the past few years, we have records of coyotes from June and July 2006 in the region near Quetzaltenango.
As in other studies, these factors were significant in the Quetzaltenango study.
Contract awarded for pharmaceutical procurement to supply the hold of drugs for the regional hospital of west, quetzaltenango.
has presented an environmental impact study for the improvement works on the RN-01 highway, Rotonda La Licorera Estacion 204+300 Estacion San Juan Ostuncalco, Estacion 214 + 300, in the town of San Mateo, Department of Quetzaltenango.
The Company has signed franchise agreements for three new hotels to be constructed in Managua, Nicaragua, Guatemala City, Guatemala and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.
Three months before Hernandez Fabian was killed, Edwin Rolando Vega Perez, mayor of Coatepeque, a bustling commercial hub in the highland department of Quetzaltenango, was shot dead.
NextStep Recyling's partner in bridging the "digital divide" in Guatemala schools is INEPAS, a Quetzaltenango nonprofit organization founded in 1994.
Using a variety of methods, the studies concentrate on San Salvador, church financiers in Guatemala City, city government, trade, the Quetzaltenango Aguardiente monopoly, the Atlantic Coast, the regulation of sexual mores in Costa Rica, Jose de Bustamente, and social elites.
GUATEMALA Fishside Skateboarding & Skatepark Jungle Skateboard Shop both in Guatemala City iuber Skateshop & Skatepark Quetzaltenango
PLACE: Centro Maya de Los Altos Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
At least four other people died in a house in western Quetzaltenango on Saturday after it was collapsed by a landslide - adding to weather-related deaths from Friday.