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Consider using quick-acting fertilizers as quick fixes only.
Its quick-acting characteristic according to IEC 60127-4 complements the UMT Series, according to the company, in providing overcurrent and short circuit protection for electronic systems in primary and secondary circuits.
The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project predicts that this generation will be nimble, quick-acting multitaskers, with the internet serving as their "external brain.
Quick-acting feeds may promote soft growth that is prone to disease or winter damage.
Quick-acting nitroglycerin comes in sublingual (under the tongue) tablets and oral sprays.
It took them over an hour to bring it under control and a male occupant was treated for smoke inhalation after a quick-acting neighbour raised the alarm.
From professional services firms with nimble telecommuting infrastructures, to quick-acting consulting firms with offices around the world, to small local bakeries and mom-and-pop retailers, they, too, are vulnerable.
Dodman now recommends clonidine instead of alprazolam (Xanax) when quick-acting help is needed for dogs with storm and other noise phobias.
Uncontrolled asthma includes symptoms such as being woken in the night with shortness of breath, using quick-acting inhalers a lot, using steroids to control asthma and going to hospital with symptoms.
The team's research not only confirms theoretical predictions but opens the prospect of building quick-acting, energy-efficient nanoscale devices from graphene-nanoribbon switches, spin-valves, and detectors, based on either electron charge or electron spin.
Nick Gonzalez' book, The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer, which clarified and emphasized the relationship of the body's internal environment in the development and treatment of cancer, and highlighted, at least for us, the reasons the Gerson Therapy is so effective, so quick-acting and powerful in its reversal of all manner of chronic diseases.