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At the three- and six-month visits, the Modified Gingival Index (MGI), Turesky Modification of the Quigley-Hein Plaque Index (PI) and the Bleeding Index (BI) were scored and oral tissue examinations performed.
95 according to the Turesky modification of the Quigley-Hein Plaque Index (17) and good general and oral health.
Plaque area was scored at baseline and at 2 weeks by the Turesky modification of the Quigley-Hein Plaque Index, on six surfaces (distobuccal, midbuccal and mesiobuccal, distolingual, midlingual and mesiolingual) of all scorable teeth, following disclosing.
Subjects were given Modified Gingival Index (MGI), Gingival Bleeding Index (GBI) and Modified Quigley-Hein Plaque Index (MQH) examinations followed by a dental prophylaxis.
The before and after photographs were analyzed using a modified Quigley-Hein Plaque Index correlated with the Navy Plaque Index.
The Turesky modification of the Quigley-Hein plaque index was used to quantify plaque and compare pre-brushing and post-brushing plaque scores.
Must have a current Quigley-Hein Plaque Index mean of three or more in each of three quadrants.