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QUISQuestionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction (human-computer interaction)
QUISQuisqualic Acid
QUISQuinte United Immigrant Services (Ontario, Canada)
QUISQuality of Interactions Schedule (geriatric psychiatry)
QUISQuestionnaire on Information Structure
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Table 1 Animal models--Alzheimer's disease Model Mechanism Anatomic target Cytotoxin infusion Quisqualic acid, Ibotenic Glutamate overexci- Basal forebrain acid, Kainic acid, AMPA tation Trangenics Amyloid Precursor Pro- Apdeposition Hippocampus, tein (APP) cortex, thalamus Neurofibrillary Amygdala, basal Tau Protein tangles, filamentous forebrain tau aggregate Mechanical destruction Fimbria-Fornix tran- Fimbria-Fornix section Electrolytic NBM, amygdala Model References Cytotoxin infusion Quisqualic acid, Ibotenic Waite, Chen, Wardlow, & Thal acid, Kainic acid, AMPA (1994); Dunnett, Whishaw, Jones, & Bunch, (1987); Waite & Thal (1996); Inglis & Semba Trangenics (1997); Yamada & Nabeshi-ma (2000).
Neuronal degeneration and spinal cavitation following intraspinal injections of quisqualic acid in the rat.
D/l, NuMA = nuclear matrix antigen, PBS = phosphate buffered saline, POC = proof-of-concept, PS = penicillin-streptomycin, QUIS = quisqualic acid, RA = retinoic acid, SCI = spinal cord injury, SEM = standard error of the mean, T = thoracic, TH = thermal hyperalgesia.