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QUMQuality Use of Medicines (Australia)
QUMQuoniam (Latin: because, codices and manuscripts)
QUMResume Normal Transmissions (radiotelegraphy)
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a whether the secret nuclear facility in Qum is actually a nuclear weapons plant.
He indicated that Iran's nuclear facilities in Qum (meaning the underground facilities that cannot be destroyed via air strikes) must be destroyed, that the uranium enrichment must be stopped, that the already available enriched uranium must be exported and sold, and that the production of a nuclear bomb must be stopped as main pre-terms for lifting the sanctions.
The suspect was reading for a doctorate on Islamic unity at Qum University in the south of Iran.
The word Qum (arise) in this verse suggests strength.
Forming QUM cooperatives is a great way to increase the value of management efforts, particularly when working with smaller parcels.
Sheikh Ayatollah Ahmed Mubalaghi, one of Qum scholar said that the interaction among the concepts of jurisprudence contributes to solving the social issues, especially the contemporary ones.
In his speech at Qum City on Sunday, Larijani added that some countries in the region, ruled by dictatorial regimes, in cooperation with the international Zionism and the Western countries interfere in Syria's affairs under the pretext of defending democracy.
The delegation will visit Tehran, Asfahan, Sheraz and Qum.
At the same time, Iran has allowed regular access to the main nuclear site at Natanz and periodic access to a much newer installation near the holy city of Qum, which Iran made public after it was clear that Western intelligence agencies had found it.
Even more worrisome is Iran's plan to move this sensitive work from its above-ground pilot plant at Natanz to the underground and fortified Fordow plant near Qum.
Dr Mohammed Jorma, president of religious affairs in Turkey, and Sheikh Ayatoallah Ahmed Mablaghi from Qum Scientific Panel delivered speeches where they covered a number of issues of interest for the Islamic Jurisprudence and other issues.
They claimed that Iraqi militant Azhar al-Dulaimi was trained in dark arts of paramilitary operations near Qum, Iran.