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QSQuality System
QSQuantity Surveyor
QSQuick Scope (Call of Duty)
QSQuick Start
QSQuality Standard (various companies)
QSQualitätssicherung (German: Quality Assurance)
QSQuacquarelli Symonds (est. 1990)
QSQuality Service(s)
QSQuantified Self
QSQuébec Solidaire (Canada political party)
QSQuit Smoking
QSQuikSilver Inc (boarding company)
QSQuality Surveillance (US DoD)
QSQuorum Sensing
QSQuantity Supply
QSQuality Starts (baseball)
QSQuick Strike
QSQuick Shift (Campagnolo bicycle shifter)
QSQuality Start (baseball gaming)
QSQuality Start (baseball; start by a pitcher of 6+ innings & 3 runs or fewer)
QSQuantity Sufficient
QSQuartersawn (cutting lumber from logs to yield grain at approx 90* to face of board)
QSQuota Share
QSQuadratic Sieve (method of factoring integers)
QSQualification Sample
QSQuantum Sufficit (Latin: as much as suffices)
QSQuantum Sufficiat (Latin: sufficient quantity; on a prescription, indicates quantity is left to the dispenser's discretion)
QSQuota Sample
QSQuickbooks Specialist
QSQuarter Session
QSQualitative State
QSQuality Scalability
QSQueen Scout (Australia)
QSQuarternary Structure
QSQueens Surface
QSQuébec Secours (Canada)
QSQuota Source
QSQuantity Spilled
QSBody Heat Storage Index
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He noted there are economic reasons for the increased activity through quota shares as insurers are being covered more freely and in a broader range of business lines.
Finally, the company said that due to the termination of the home owner quota share reinsurance agreement, about USD89m of unearned premiums and USD63m of cash will be returned to STFC, while the net difference of an estimated USD26m reflects the return of ceding commission to the re-insurers, which will increase deferred policy acquisition costs and lower other liabilities.
Tower New York on its behalf and on behalf of each of its pool participants also entered into a multi-line quota share agreement with Hannover Re (Ireland) Plc to cede a 14% quota share of certain brokerage commercial automobile liability, brokerage commercial multi-peril property, brokerage commercial multi-peril liability, brokerage other liability (monoline liability) and brokerage workers' compensation business.
Tunisia's new quota share in the fund will be worth 545.
With the growth in India 's economy, its quota share has also increased reflecting the size of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP)," the minister noted.
Significantly, India's gain in terms of quota share is the seventh largest in this round of quota review.
7 billion, and a major realignment of quota shares among members.
At the same time, Swiss Re announced it had entered into a proportional reinsurance contract with Berkshire Hathaway, in the form of a quota share arrangement.