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QRFQuick Reaction Force
QRFQuick Response Force
QRFQuick Response Fund (US reconstruction projects in Iraq)
QRFQualified Rehabilitation Facility
QRFQuotation Request Form (questionnaire; various organizations)
QRFQuick Return Flight (aviation)
QRFQuick Release Fitting
QRFQuarterly Rolling Forecast (finance)
QRFQuality Results Formula (sports teams)
QRFPlace of Return (radiotelegraphy)
QRFQuality Review Form (US FDA)
QRFQuantum Resonance Field
QRFQuarantine Release Form (Industry Number Management Services Ltd.)
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A completed signed Quotation Request form must be submitted with your response
The result, says Duoline, is a new functional website with useful features such as PDF product files, quotation request forms and product specific literature, all in electronic form.
It also includes a company profile, quotation request forms and NPSHA calculation procedures.