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QWELQualified Water Efficient Landscaper (training course)
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On this hip-hop team, Qwel is the wordsmith and MC and Meaty Ogre makes the beats.
Qwel, a news release says, "has been hailed by many as one of the most skilled and innovative lyricists since hip-hop's inception.
To this end Margaret Ogg, who was to be the secretary of QWEL for the next thirty years, travelled around Queensland campaigning for women's suffrage.
QWEL was principally, though not solely, concerned with the suffrage and getting women elected to parliament.
In mid September 1903 Arthur Morgan replaced Philp as Premier, and promised a QWEL deputation that he would introduce an electoral reform Bill.
The QWEL program is high quality and accomplishes for the landscaping industry the same benefits Green Plumbers provide for the plumbing industry, said Carrie Pollard, Sonoma County Water Agency Principal Programs Specialist.