R-MRestriction and Modification (DNA sequencing)
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NOCSAE has required that the modified Cascade R-M have a specialized tamperproof label with the manufacturers certification statement and NOCSAE lacrosse logo, as well as a unique serial number that will be indexed to the serial number of the modified helmet so that all modified model R-M's can be tracked.
Active in Algeria and Tunisia over the past two decades, R-M is undertaking a wide range of actions in Morocco, to meet the challenges of a fast changing market.
R-M will feature the painted Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 sport vehicle in the unique special effect colour Cool White Dubai, inspired by Carizzma by R-M Arctic White colour reference, said colour designer Mark Gutjahr.
18 participants, all under the age of 30, from Asia Pacific, Europe and South Africa competed in the international final at the R-M Refinish Competence Center in Clermont de l'Oise, France after having been selected in the national finals.
With three repair bodyshops in Dubai and the Northern Emirates and another state of the art workshop in the planning stages, all four bodyshops will be maximising their throughput thanks to R-M, a statement said.
The rights to which these securityholders would otherwise be entitled will be sold by The R-M Trust Company on the open market and the net proceeds thereof (less any required withholding) will be forwarded by mail to such securityholders at their addresses appearing on the records of ClubLink.
The modernized Refinish Competence Center serves as a training facility and marketing platform for R-M and its business partners and has been planned according to the standards of the BASF RCC policy.
ECO LOGIC is to receive from The R-M Trust Company later today $13,417,187.
R-M announced an extension to its involvement as a technical sponsor of the Petronas de Rooy IVECO team.
In 2013, R-M will have one of the most modern training centers for automotive refinishing in Europe," said Ronny Raeymakers, manager of the training center.
Earlier this year, at the Paris Tuning Show, R-M, BASF Coatings' paint brand, launched Carizzma, its VOC-compliant paint system for car tuning.
Autolacke Handel GmbH had already sold R-M paint products and services of BASF Coatings S.