R-OADMReconfigurable-Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
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The flexibility introduced by R-OADMs has the potential to offer great operations cost savings as well as possibly capital cost savings and, ultimately, new revenue sources.
In addition, its focus is on Wavelength Selective Switches, which has become the gold standard of R-OADMs.
Now in mid-2006, the R-OADM has become a standard part of long-haul networks - to be included as a matter of course in any new network, and they are rapidly becoming a major update objective for existing networks.
These networks will be the largest deployment to date of R-OADM technology, and will thus become the single largest driver to the R-OADM market.
This report will describe the R-OADM, its potential applications, underlying technologies, market drivers, the market potential with detailed forecasts (both for systems and for components), and the vendors involved in the market.
Most importantly, this report focuses on how the 2005-2006 acquisitions by the RBOCs will influence this market, and how the video delivery networks resulting from these mergers will become the major R-OADM driver.
With the addition of fully managed R-OADM our solution addresses both these areas of concern and delivers a business case that works at the current levels of capex spend for DWDM as a metro-regional core infrastructure.
First, we've designed our R-OADM architecture based on a simple and highly reliable through-path, providing maximum flexibility for bandwidth growth with zero service disruption.
R-OADM capability, Wavelength Tracker technology and the ability to transparently re-use wavelengths from third party sources (virtually eliminating O-E-O conversions) form the three cornerstones of Tropic's Open Photonic Layer approach to metro-regional optical networking.