R-SCHReverse Supplemental Channel
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Radio Configuration characteristics for the R-FCH, R-SCH and R-DCCH Radio Associated Data Rates (kbit/s) configuration spreading rate Rateset R-FCH 3 1 1 1.
For the reverse traffic operation in Radio Configurations 3 through 6, an R-PICH is required together with up to one R-DCCH, up to one R-FCH, and up to two R-SCHs.
The use of the R-SCHs offers two additional higher rate channels with fixed rate transmissions.
For the R-SCHs, the data rate remains constant during transmission.
1500, 2700, 4800, and 9600) bit/s for rateset 1, in each Radio Configuration are permitted for the R-FCH, while all of the rates are available for the R-SCHs.
Note that RLGAIN_SCH_PILOT[i]S is valid only for the R-SCHs.