R2KReturn to Kogarah (Australia; rugby)
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Currently we're trading at about 1160 on the R2K, just a shade above the halfway mark between the buoys.
Company: R2K Headquarters Address: 83 Maiden Lane 12th Floor New York, NY 10038 Main Telephone: 212-440-1700 Website: www.
Using this methodology, we selected Kofax Ascent Capture and Neurascript Indicius as the best technologies for the job, and our integration team built the award-winning solution for the customer," said R2K Vice President Richard Mann.
In addition to the application award, R2K was recognized by Kofax for achieving Silver Partner status.
The solution implemented by R2K enabled Empire HealthChoice to become more competitive by reducing costs, shortening the time from claim submission to payment, increasing claim processing volume, and enhancing their ability to enter new lines of business for insured healthcare services.
The synergy of technologies provided by vendors like ActionPoint, combined with our technical expertise and understanding of Empire HealthChoice's business processes, allowed us to implement an award-winning, comprehensive data capture solution that met all of Empire's requirements within an aggressive deployment timetable," said Richard Mann, Vice President of R2K.
Plunkett will report to Richard Mann, Vice President of R2K, and will be responsible for developing business relationships with new customers and partners.
Plunkett said, "The team at R2K has proven that business-driven integrated technology can and will deliver significant value to organizations striving to reduce cost and grow revenues.
While consumers will benefit from a personalized shopping site that allows users to feel comfortable, in control and secure, the R2K "promovision" at the center of the home page, acts as a point of purchase display, that enables merchants to run customizable promotions reinforcing their brand.
Members enjoy multiple opportunities to earn R2K points including joining, purchasing and referring.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- Sure you're Y2K ready, but are you R2K ready?
Alliant Energy now plans to join the new transmission company (TRANSCO), outlined in R2K.