R2PResponsibility to Protect (New York, NY)
R2PResearch to Practice (US CDC; Cincinnati, OH)
R2PRight to Protect
R2PRequisition to Pay (business process)
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In her new role, Kenney will work closely with R2P Pet's vice president of sales and CEO to bring R2P Pet products into grocery and other mass markets.
Both R2P and the Rome Statute assign a similar level of gravity to these crimes and their related obligations to act.
The legal basis of R2P can be derived from a report by the International Committee on Intervention and State Sovereignty in 2001 and a report from the High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change issued in 2004.
India prevented Nepal from being brought under the auspices of the UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) and it has opposed R2P.
But by broadly invoking R2P to justify arming rebel fighters, launching airstrikes, and creating "no-fly zones," those advocating intervention are pushing for action which exceeds the current state of international law, with the risk that the action by the United States today will set broad precedent for intervention in future cases.
international community is given the responsibility by the R2P to warn
The R2P principle has featured prominently in the international discussions and discourse for almost fifteen years now; however, in spite of some initially optimistic promises, it has failed to acquire a legislative status equivalent to that of an amendment to the UN Charter, Chapter VII or international treaty.
Coyne does not delve into the serious legal and moral issues that R2P raises, but considers only its practical problems.
President Obama condemned the UNSC ("locked" by Russia & China) for having failed to stop Assad's use of chemical weapons (CWs) and had to be punished under the UN's responsibility to protect (R2P) doctrine to "save the Syrian people" (see R2P in Google).
This is the principle that has become known as R2P (responsibility to protect), which was ratified during the United Nations General Assembly in 2005 and by which the international community is responsible towards Mass Atrocity Crimes wherever they are committed.
56) R2P did, however, lose some support when it was employed as a rationale for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and to justify the NATO intervention in Libya during 2011, which shifted from prevention of genocide to regime change.
44) Notably, the UN General Assembly recognized R2P in a resolution at