R2RRoll-To-Roll (manufacturing)
R2RReady 2 Rumble (video game by Midway)
R2RRoadmap to Riches
R2RRags to Riches (Internet game)
R2RRoadmap to Riches (multilevel marketing program)
R2RRecruitment to Recruitment
R2RRecord to Report
R2RRight to Repair
R2RReady to Roll
R2RRolling Deck to Repository (ocean data collection)
R2RReel-2-Reel (older recording devices)
R2RReef2reef.com (online forum)
R2RReport to Revenue
R2RRoutine to Research (Thailand)
R2RReady 2 Riot (gaming clan)
R2RRoad 2 Recovery (foundation; Encinitas, CA)
R2RReady 2 Ride
R2RReady 2 Race
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The R2R campaign has an inward focused element as well, which aims to improve recycling practices amongst the more than 7000 employees of Dulsco.
According to Ken Fritz, executive vice president of Trintech, an R2R solutions company, R2R and disclosure management solutions free up highly educated finance professionals to focus on driving value in their organizations and reducing financial reporting risk instead of being overwhelmed with transferring and moving financial information using manual processes.
They learned about the science of flight and racing at NASA's R2R exhibit and meet Robonaut, the first robotic astronaut assistant.
Under the R2R scheme, ETSC staff tour universities in the participating countries, giving a one-hour lecture on infrastructure safety engineering and high-risk site management.
The result of this process is WDG HSS 540 R2R solvent-free silicone roof coating, which is a one-component, moisture curing silicone rubber roof coating system designed for use on sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam.
HSS 535 and HSS 540 R2R are both one-component, moisture-curing silicone rubber roof coatings designed for use on sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam.
R2R SVP is equipped with high-speed electrolytic plating cells designed for HDI production.
With the allocated R2R fund of $565,160 for 2015/2016, Council will contribute its own fund to bridge the gap in construction cost.
Last year saw Jessica Hall from Bishop Auckland GC crowned Mizuno R2R champion.
Gweithwyr proffesiynol megis gweithwyr cymdeithasol, nyrsys seiciatryddol cymunedol, a hyfforddwyr sector wirfoddol sy'n darparu gwasanaethau R2R.
The present paper seeks to at least begin to remedy this neglect by examining the relative efficiency with which R2R funds have been expended amongst a limited sample of local authorities.