R60Retention After 60 Minutes
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R60 U75V gr 340 is now in industrial production already at a rate of 15 pieces per hour with a 100 m standard length.
1 km from the T-junction on the R60 (just past Zolani).
Effects of container placement, treatment and time on milk temperature, total bacterial count, R10 and R60 were assessed using analysis of variance; each response was analyzed separately.
The company showed revenue, EBITDA and net income of R60.
For just R60 a week, this group will meet every Wednesday morning in Olivedale (venue to be confirmed), from 07.
Minister of Health and Child Welfare Henry Madzorera said R60 million was needed to fund a reinvigorated immunisation programme.
Deproteinization was carried out after 30 minutes at room temperature (24[degrees]C) in the R30min group, and after 60 and 120 minutes in the R60 min and R120 min groups, respectively.
5 133 R19 R60 2x5/8" Tightest 2ft R10 Batt, fiberglass ceiling perimeter 2x6, drywall 24"oc 90 2.
The domes will be built with an R60 insulation value, use solar sun pipes for most daytime lighting, and use waste heat from facilities at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.
Some of the weighting factors for individual health/environmental effects R-phrase Weight R48/20/21/22 8,3 R48/23, R48/24, R48/25 8,4 R48/23/24, R48/23/25, R48/24/25 8,5 R48/23/24/25 8,6 R39, R40, R45, R62, R63, R64 9 R39/23, R39/24, R39/25 9,1 R39/23/24, R39/23/25, R39/24/25 9,2 R39/23/24/25 9,3 R39/26, R39/27, R39/28 9,4 R39/26/27, R39/26/28, R39/27/28 9,5 R39/26/27/28 9,6 R46, R49, R60, R61 10
The polymers were blended in an internal mixer with a chamber volume of 60 ml and by using twin nonintermeshing roller rotors (Labo Plastomill 4C150, roller mixer chamber R60, roller blade R60B (diameter X length = 50 mm X55 mm, three blades on a rotor); Toyo Seiki Seisaku-sho, Tokyo, Japan) at 180[degrees]C.