RAACRoyal Australian Armoured Corps
RAACRedevelopment Authority of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA)
RAACRec.Arts.Anime.Creative (newsgroup; est. 1993)
RAACRoyal Antwerp Aviation Club (Belgium; est. 1927)
RAACRecreational Aircraft Association of Canada
RAACRack Assembly and Alignment Complex
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The repeated reading portion of the RAAC intervention (Therrien, Gormley, & Kubina, 2006), modified for this study, was used with the students individually two to three times weekly over a period of five weeks.
We did not apply the second RAAC criterion of correct words per minute as we expected signed reading to be slower than oral reading and no norms for signed reading have yet been established.
The RAAC was designed as a "covert measure of racial attitudes toward one's own and other racial groups" (Wooten & Brown, 1990, p.
However, due to the nature of the RAAC, students who were not Caucasian or African-American were omitted from the analyses reported below.
Mean RAAC scores (positive, negative and overall ratings) as a function of subject background and ethnicity of target group.
Table 2 shows the mean RAAC scores (positive, negative, and overall) as a function of Race of Subject, Race of Target, and Condition (gang vs.
SOUTH BEACH RAAC, BLYTH 18 rods fished and 12 weighed in.
Additionally, WVT will provide district nurse support for people who require it and are in residential care home placements as part of the RAAC service.
RAMP) mortgage asset-backed pass-through certificates, RAAC series 2005-SP2 Trust transaction, which has two sets of certificates, Group I and Group II.
They can be purchased from the RAAC by calling Rima Qaru at 650/571-8870, or Johnny Khamis at 408/278-8355.