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RAAMRace Across America
RAAMRegister of Australian Archives and Manuscripts
RAAMRecursive Auto Associative Memory (computer and information science)
RAAMResearching and Applying Metaphor (figurative language)
RAAMRemote Anti-Armor Mine
RAAMReducing the Availability of Alcohol to Minors (Ocean City, MD)
RAAMRealm of Abandoned Memories (role-playing)
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Blackhill Partners has completed the reorganization of RAAM Global Energy Company, guiding the company through a pre-negotiated chapter 11 bankruptcy in under 100 days, the company said.
RAAM begins on June 20 in Oceanside, California and concludes at City Dock in Annapolis, Maryland.
RAAM Global of Lexington, Kentucky, files public disclosures with the Securities & Exchange Commission although it is a private venture.
Consequently, the aim of this investigation was to explore the potential consequences of energy deficiency and sleep deprivation upon emotional responses in cyclists competing in the RAAM.
NeverLostOs sponsorship and special trip planning services extend to the other summer 2011 RAAM competitions in Oregon, Minnesota, and Northern California.
Perusal of documents related to Pakistan mostly provided by Afghanistan intelligence indicate joint effort of RAW and RAAM to involve ISI in most terrorist acts in Afghanistan.
By participating in Race Across America, known as RAAM, Ripatti-Pearce's goal is to help raise awareness and funds for Operation Progress, a 10-year-old, LAPD based program that has quietly succeeded in sending 35 young people from Los Angeles' heavily gang infested neighborhoods, to college.
The dynamics of learning natural language is also important for designing parsers using techniques such as SRN and RAAM.
He'll serve instead on the crew of one of his former teammates who's going solo in the RAAM.
In June 2000 Cassie Lowe will be a RAAM rookie, but she has an impressive pedigree of marathon cycling.
Wounded Warrior Project RAAM Team (Photo: Business Wire)
The common stock of RAAM Global is not traded on an established public trading market.