RACOMRemote Access Communication
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RACOM was, and still is, in the business of deploying and
128) RACOM president, Gregg Miller, explained in an interview:
attractive value proposition because joining the RACOM network is
Interoperability happens on the RACOM network because it is
communications capacity] from RACOM, you have to be interoperable with
alternative was for a private company--often RACOM itself--to build and
the RACOM network, there was no interoperability between hospital radio
communicate with each other and with anyone else on the RACOM network.
135) Taking a cue from HAN's success with the RACOM network, the
about the RACOM network--and likely the main concern about any private
says, he did discuss prioritization when he first contracted with RACOM.
139) On the RACOM network, private users are preempted by public safety