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RACSARadiográfica Costarricense, SA
RACSARule Applying Comparison Shopping Agent (electronic commerce)
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Until, that is, IP address ranges belonging to RACSA started to appear on anti-spam blacklists.
The resulting furore reached the highest levels of Costa Rican government, which quickly persuaded RACSA to deal with the problem by terminating the accounts of its spamming customers and to draw up and implement an effective acceptable usage policy (AUP).
Faced with increased competition in Costa Rica, RACSA has begun a major expansion project to provide more data services as well as add video and voice services to its customers.
This agreement is another step in the ongoing, cooperative effort between ICE, RACSA and Global Crossing to promote the continuous social and economic growth of the country," said John Legere, Global Crossing's CEO.
Following a signing ceremony for the landing agreement, ICE and its Internet arm, RACSA, immediately announced that they will purchase 24 STM-1 Private Lines, the equivalent of 3.
5 GHz and allows RACSA to offer reliable, high-speed voice and data services to Costa Rica's urban and rural areas.
ICE and RACSA are responsible for the development and operation of the National Telecommunications System, will then provide connectivity throughout the country and enable New World Network to integrate its service offerings into Costa Rica's existing telecommunications network.
Under terms of the agreement, RACSA has the exclusive right to sell Inalambrica's Internet Services in Costa Rica.
Alantra has negotiated successfully with RACSA and ICE, the governing telecommunications organizations in Costa Rica, to allow transmission from the country to facilitate this link.
RACSA Subscribers to Enjoy Faster Connections and Downloads
A typical RACSA connection ranges between $15-35 per month for basic, low speed dial-up service.
New World Network has partnered with the leading carriers in the region including: Genuity, WorldCom, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Avantel, Codetel, Ultracom, Antelcom, CANTV, ISA, RACSA, Nicatel, Hondutel and BTL.