RADCORappahannock Area Development Commission
RADCOResources, Applications, Designs and Controls (testing laboratory; Long Beach, CA)
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However, when I spoke with current NMEDA members about the inspection process, they reported RADCO was unsure exactly how NMEDA would use the inspections to qualify facilities for QAP membership.
Norman Radow will remain acting Chief Executive Officer of the RADCO Companies.
The propert adds 280 Class C+ units to RADCO's portfolio and will be managed by RADCO Residential.
The property adds 288 B class units to its portfolio and will be proudly managed by RADCO Residential.
RADCO is paying under-market rents, and he expects to be able to mark to market "and leave the cap rate in the dust.
The RADCO Companies, the turnaround specialist, has returned in earnest as one of the foremost investors in the Atlanta multifamily market.
The RADCO Companies has named Bryan Gershkowitz vice president and general counsel.