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RADIORural Area Delivery of Information and Organization
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Dylan will host a weekly radio show starting in March on XM's album-rock channel Deep Tracks (XM Channel 40), featuring songs from the singer's personal music library, plus interviews, commentary and listener input.
Propagation through building rubble is a new realm in the study of radio signals.
With or without listeners, radio is always on, calling attention to the omnipresence of sound, a phenomenon that has captivated many, from Pythagoras, with his Music of the Spheres, to Erik Satie, the Futurists, and John Cage.
How do you crack the clutter of radio advertisements and have your spot listened to and, better yet, comprehended?
It's not every day that a mom-and-pop enterprise--especially one in the cutthroat, multibillion-dollar broadcast radio industry--steps out of familiar, local terrain to try its hand at the big leagues.
The agency claims that Dunifer's pirate broadcasts have interfered with other stations' signals, and that a less-regulated system would only be an invitation to a complete breakdown of radio order.
Anybody with an ear to the ground knows a new day is dawning in the radio world.
Since radio astronomy arrived on the scene in 1932, it has radically transformed scientists' understanding of the universe.
In a multibillion-dollar industry that runs on fractions of ratings points with analysts pinpointing listeners according to what model car they drive, terrestrial radio works by identifying a broad target audience and aiming straight at its core, within the limited geographic range of the station's signal.
Instead, the entire sky appears thickly speckled with sources of radio waves in locations that rarely match the positions of visible stars.