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RAFCRoyal Antwerp Football Club (Antwerp, Belgium)
RAFCRoyal Air Force College (Lincolnshire, England, UK)
RAFCRegional Area Forecast Center
RAFCRecovering Average Frustrated Chump
RAFCRevolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia
RAFCReigatians Association Football Club
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G] were defined as the mean value of RAFC in the region G, where G [member of]{D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, M, P1}.
In our study, we investigated the correlation between RAFC and five hip bone BMD values of total femur, femoral neck, femoral trochanter, femoral inter-trochanter and femoral ward's triangle.
Credit support for the RAFC transaction is provided by subordination, overcollateralization, and excess interest.
The designation of Lim is in pursuant to the Memorandum Order duly signed by Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piol in recognition of RAFCs contribution in agricultural development and to further strengthen the partnership between DA and the private sector.
2 million budget, according to the RAFC national chair then, the corruption anomalies they reported were mostly ignored by the previous administration.
In addition to regular workday security guard services, Contractor will, at the request of the RAFC Project Manager, provide security personnel for special events, evening and weekend services located at the MetroCenter.