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RAFOSRoyal Air Force Ornithological Society (UK)
RAFOSRanging and Fixing of Sound (oceanic technology)
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The RAFOS floats submerged 700 or 1,500 meters deep into a layer of cold water called Labrador Sea Water, which originally sank from the surface of the Labrador Sea.
Drifters such as Argo, RAFOS, and Spray (now being developed by Brechner Owens at WHOI and Russ Davis at Scripps Institution of Oceanography) are pre-programmed to deflate and inflate a bladder, which causes them to sink as much as 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) in the ocean and then rise again to the surface as they are carried along by currents.
WHOI has played a major role in the evolution of drifting sensors from Swallow floats through SOFAR and RAFOS drifters to today's rapidly improving family of profilers (ALACE, PALACE, SLOCUM--see Oceanus Fall/Winter 1996 for an article on these instruments).