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RAFTReversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer (polymerisation chemistry)
RAFTResource Area for Teachers
RAFTRole Audience Format Topic (writing technique)
RAFTRestoration of Appearance & Function Trust (UK medical charity)
RAFTRevolving Acceptance Facility By Tender
RAFTRecovering Addicts Fellowship Team
RAFTReally Ambitious Filmmaking Team (Claremont Colleges)
RAFTResource Aggregation for Fault Tolerance
RAFTReject Any Fast Tracking (urban development, RI)
RAFTRisk Assessment Falls Tool (osteoporosis)
RAFTReactor Aerosol Formation and Transport (computer model)
RAFTRapid Access Facts Tool (software)
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Right on behind they came; and, nerved with strength such as God gives only to the desperate, with one wild cry and flying leap, she vaulted sheer over the turbid current by the shore, on to the raft of ice beyond.
Harris wanted to cable his mother--thought it his duty to do that, as he was all she had in this world--so, while he attended to this, I went down to the longest and finest raft and hailed the captain with a hearty "Ahoy, shipmate
The June rise used to be always luck for me; because as soon as that rise begins here comes cordwood float- ing down, and pieces of log rafts -- sometimes a dozen logs together; so all you have to do is to catch them and sell them to the wood-yards and the sawmill.
When the raft was completed, the Black Knight addressed the besiegers: ``It avails not waiting here longer, my friends; the sun is descending to the west and I have that upon my hands which will not permit me to tarry with you another day.
Let us make several rafts, and carry them to a suitable place.
cried the defenders to the workers; and the work went on, the raft increased in length and breadth and depth.
I turned once more, almost passionately now, to hammering together stakes and branches to form a raft for my escape.
I am going to send you away of my own free will; so go, cut some beams of wood, and make yourself a large raft with an upper deck that it may carry you safely over the sea.
I imagine a raft of some sort could always be contrived; and, even if it saved no one, it would float on and be picked up, perhaps conveying some hint of the vanished name.
They at length gave up the search, and he began to rejoice in his escape, when the idea presented itself that they might set the raft on fire.
The Tin Woodman must build us a raft, so we can float to the other side.
After that, having acquired a taste for the water, I did a good deal of rafting in various suburban brickfields - an exercise providing more interest and excitement than might be imagined, especially when you are in the middle of the pond and the proprietor of the materials of which the raft is constructed suddenly appears on the bank, with a big stick in his hand.